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If you have a comment, question, suggestion, etc., you can call SPEAK OUT any time of the day or night. Call SPEAK OUT but do not leave your name or identify yourself in any way. If your comment or question concerns a particular town, please start your comment with “Lombard - I would like to know,” or “Villa Park - whose job is it to.” Please limit your call to one (1) minute. SPEAK OUT is a community service of the LOMBARDIAN/VILLA PARK REVIEW newspapers. When at all possible, we try to contact public officials to obtain the answers to questions that concern them, and residents are also encouraged to contact public officials with their inquiries. Due to space limitations, it may not be possible to print all calls. We reserve the right to edit calls for length, clarity and subject matter. Please remember SPEAKā€ˆOUT callers are expressing their opinion as they see it and may not be factual. For verification purposes, cite your sources when quoting individuals or statistics.


Just in response to the caller who was nice enough not to call Trump supporters stupid, just ill informed, I would like to name some accomplishments of Obama. I couldn't keep my doctor; I couldn't keep my plan. And, I bet Texas and Florida could sure use some of that $150 billion he gave to Iran. But, the followers of Obama call us blindly following where they were happy when he broke the law with DACA, but they're unhappy when Trump supports the law. I don't know about ill informed, but I'm wondering just who's stupid.
* * *
    This is Villa Park calling. I am hoping that now that we have a new police chief, he will enforce the laws of this town. I work afternoons and walk my dog at night on South Summit. They have cars parked on the apron and blocking the sidewalks all night. Is that not against a village ordinance? I have to go out to the street to walk my dog and at that time of night it can be very hazardous. Shouldn't there be people getting tickets? This sure is more revenue for the town if they give tickets, and they say they need the revenue. Please, police department, do something about this before there's an accident and somebody gets hit. Thank you.

    Your comments were forwarded to the Village of Villa Park. Police Chief Mike Lay responded: "While the Village Ordinance has a section that prohibits parking on a sidewalk, it is included under the same section as several other parking violations that are enforced 24 hours a day.  Parking on a sidewalk is not enforced during the dark and overnight hours as a courtesy to the many residents in town that, if enforced, would not be able to park their vehicles in their own driveways overnight without being parked over the sidewalk. Parking on the apron of a driveway is not a violation of the ordinance. The Police Department recommends that when people are walking or running in the dark that bright or reflective clothing is worn to help bring attention to motorists."                  –JAC
* * *
    I-355 is a federal interstate highway. It is also dedicated as the Veterans Memorial Highway. After the Sept. 7 Village of Lombard Board of Trustees meeting, I drove I-355 from one end to the other to confirm this: There are currently no advertising billboards along this entire interstate, the Veterans Memorial Highway. If Lombard's trustees have their way on Sept. 21, they will approve the installation of two of them within the Village of Lombard. This must not happen. Call the Village of Lombard.
* * *
    Obama was a very poor president, in my humble opinion. I did not rant and rave about the discontent I felt with the inadequacies of the man and the politician. Let him be president and then I would evaluate. Trump deserves the same consideration. I'm not going to try to note his accomplishments as some continuously demand; calling for his impeachment is ridiculous. The country will be more divided than it already is. Trump has one accomplishment so far: He is president. America is important. If Trump succeeds, America succeeds. Trump haters have to decide. Do you love this country or do you hate Trump more?
* * *
    This is Lombard calling. Our family stopped by the Family Fun Night that was Friday night, Sept. 8, to see what it was all about and we learned that it was put on by the Two Rivers Nation, who locally oversees the Indian Guides and Indian Princess programs. These programs are geared for families with school-age children. The event was at no cost. We had a great time. There was food to be eaten and plenty of activities to do. We truly had a lot of fun there. We would like to thank the Two Rivers Nation for putting on such a family fun event and we will seriously considering joining. We hope things go well for the program. Thank you.
* * *
    To the person who feels that Trump supporters are uninformed, I voted for Donald Trump. I have a PhD. I know many people who voted for Donald Trump and none of us regret voting for our president. You need to get a grip of yourselves and stop watching CNN. He is our president. He will be re-elected. Thank you.
* * *
    I just read an excerpt from Hillary's book. It made me sick to my stomach. I'm so happy she's not our president. Have a nice day.
* * *
    Hi. I'm calling to say that I did not vote for Donald Trump and I initially was not very impressed with him as a candidate, but I have family living in Texas and Florida, and they are so uplifted by the support he has given them. I've changed my opinion of Donald Trump. He's a human being just like the rest of us. Thank you.
* * *
    Hey, Village of Lombard, what are you thinking? I just watched the Sept. 7 board meeting online and you are actually trying to change the zoning on I-355 by the water reclamation district from recreational to commercial? Why are you taking away our green space? We need more green space. I am going to be at that Sept. 21 village board meeting. We don't want those billboards.
* * *
    I want to thank the village for some good music at this year's Cruise Nights. While some bands were better than others, they were, for the most part, very entertaining and I enjoyed going to almost every Cruise Nights that had a band. Definitely bring back the Chicago Tribute Authority. I saw 7th Heaven at German Fest and they totally rocked it. Too bad bands like this, American English and the like have apparently gotten so expensive as to charge more than some villages can afford. They must have forgotten the roots of how they got started — as local festival and Cruise Nights bands.
* * *
    Lombard calling regarding the Charlottesville, Va., tragedy. Both sides were apparently looking for trouble and to the person who rebutted my comments which were well thought out, by the way, yes, people did hit his car with a sign. And, if you haven't seen what these people do, the antifa people, and Bernie bros, mostly, I guess not all of you snowflakes, but they're assaulting police officers. Don't you think if they're assaulting police officers they're not intimidated by a civilian such as yourself? How ridiculous. Do you remember Rodney King about 20 some years ago? Reginald Denny? They pulled him out and beat him with bricks. You think a reasonable person would have a thought process that would indicate yes, I have a reasonable belief that I'm about to be beaten to death when there are all these people around my car. He was scared for his life.
* * *
    Hi, Villa Park calling. I was wondering if there's some regulation in the county that no green grocers or fresh fruit small businesses can be established and that there has to be so many cigarette, liquor stores, convenience stores that sell nothing but junk and peddle this to the public? Perhaps the discussion could be to get these small businesses to offer healthier products, as it appears to be a conspiracy to keep people unhealthy and down and out in the area. Thank you.
* * *
    So last week in SPEAK OUT someone who voted for Hillary Clinton said all Trump voters are uninformed. That is just priceless. I'm laughing so hard my sides ache.
* * *
    Hi, Lombard calling. I just noticed for the Helen Plum Library there was $2.5 million budgeted for salaries. I don't think the Library of Congress pledges $2.5 million for salaries. What's up with that? Thank you, bye.
* * *
    I'm calling to oppose the billboards the village is considering placing on I-355. I-355 is the Veterans Memorial Tollway. There is not a billboard along that entire tollway. It is an honor to the veterans to keep it that way. I believe putting the billboards there would be a dishonor to the veterans and the Village of Lombard would have that distinction of doing this dishonor. Second thing is one of the billboards would rise up right at the Prairie Path so those who are going on the Prairie Path and enjoying time away from the hustle bustle and being in with nature will now be greeted by a large billboard, courtesy of the Village of Lombard. Also, this is going to be viewable by the residents who live nearby and probably for some distance away because these billboards will be electronic on one side with the sign changing every 10 seconds. Please oppose these billboards.
* * *
    Three cheers for the letter to the editor from Marymae Meyer regarding the park district and the library. I also commend our park district 1,000 percent, and have lost complete respect for the library management. I've even started going to other community libraries because I'm so offended with their apparent dishonesty. 
* * *
    Does anyone actually believe that the new Cook County beverage tax will make our children healthier?  Or that health was ever a goal of the tax, rather than the mere enrichment of Cook County? Only a child would believe that anyone but a child could believe such a story. The new sweetened beverage tax will have no effect whatsoever on the consumption of sweetened beverages. All the consumers of sweetened beverages will either buy their drinks outside of Cook County or will just pay the added tax while swearing to never vote for another Democrat. The only ones affected by the new tax will be the retailers, the Cook County tax coffers, real estate agents and moving companies. It could be a good learning opportunity for the politicians if they were capable of learning. But then that’s a premise just as unbelievable as the idea that such a tax would improve the health of Cook County’s children.