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If you have a comment, question, suggestion, etc., you can call SPEAK OUT any time of the day or night. Call SPEAK OUT but do not leave your name or identify yourself in any way. If your comment or question concerns a particular town, please start your comment with “Lombard - I would like to know,” or “Villa Park - whose job is it to.” Please limit your call to one (1) minute. SPEAK OUT is a community service of the LOMBARDIAN/VILLA PARK REVIEW newspapers. When at all possible, we try to contact public officials to obtain the answers to questions that concern them, and residents are also encouraged to contact public officials with their inquiries. Due to space limitations, it may not be possible to print all calls. We reserve the right to edit calls for length, clarity and subject matter. Please remember SPEAKā€ˆOUT callers are expressing their opinion as they see it and may not be factual. For verification purposes, cite your sources when quoting individuals or statistics.


  This is Lombard calling. I travel daily down Main Street going north at 5 a.m. I want to know why the traffic light at Glenbard East is not synchronized with the traffic flow? There are no cars turning in or coming out of there at 5 a.m. And mostly I get stopped there and the red light seems rather long. Hoping something can be done. Thank you.

    Your inquiry was forwarded to Lombard officials, who responded: "The traffic signals along Main Street between Roosevelt Road and St. Charles Road are interconnected. Upon receipt of the inquiry, the village requested the traffic signal contractor to inspect the signal operations.  The village’s contractor visited the location on Jan. 5 and found no problems with signal detection equipment. Please contact Public Works at 630-620-5740 with any similar future concerns."              –JAC
* * *
    Why is it that the federal government and those reckless tax-and-spend fools in Springfield believe that they are entitled to more and more of everyone’s paycheck year after year? Take a look at what you and I pay in taxes. Federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, estate taxes, taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, taxes deducted from your paycheck and let’s not forget that I-Pass—another tax, if you ask me. I’m sure there are more hidden taxes I’m forgetting. The federal government collected record taxes through the first 11 months of fiscal 2017, and yet they still ran a deficit of over $670 billion. The Trump tax cuts were a step in the right direction, but it should have included mandatory spending cuts because both Republicans and Democrats in Washington have no spending restraints. It’s like Ronald Reagan once said: “The American people are not undertaxed. The government in Washington is overfed.”
* * *
    Hi. This is someone who wants to stick up for Peter Breen. To the person who said that the Catholics and Lutherans and all them should stay out of her government, guess what? Why don't you have your abortion and you stay out of our government?
* * *
    Hi. Rauner was voted the worst governor in the country. I think the president of Villa Park is the worst president of this village. Besides Bullwinkel and Cullerton, he's a leftover. The streets still don't get done. Do you think you could maybe annex to or have Lombard annex to us? We get rid of you people and we could get things done. You do nothing. Bye.
* * *
    This is to the Trump haters. I ask why people hate Trump so much. To date, no logical or fact-based answers. Many hate his success, money, bluntness. Others just like calling a prominent figure names. Yet others find it acceptable to profane a member of another party. Two of the most lackluster presidents we've had never received such awful commentary. What is happening with Trump? Workers are getting bonuses and more pay, 401Ks are up, the stock market is up, the coal industry is back, manufacturing plants are coming back; for the first time in 20-plus years the USA is not being taken advantage of on the international market. If Trump is a buffoon, liar or whatever, he's the best we've had in 20 years.
* * *
    Lombard calling. I just want to point out and ask, why is there so much construction of new projects that are only gas stations? The new Thornton's is massive. There are more than enough gas stations in the area and a degradation of these deplorable businesses dotting all over the landscape is bringing DuPage County down quickly. What are the solutions and answers to why local governments seem beholden to have a gas station every 50 feet everywhere on every street?
* * *
    Hi, this is in response to the person who said, in response to Rep. Peter Breen, abortion is a legal right. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I think the thing they should be worried about funding is education, because obviously they have none. They need to look up the First Amendment. Thank you.
* * *
    Hello, Lombard. If we should be voting to reduce taxes on anything, it should be the park district, not the library, for crying out loud. Apparently the park district's got piles of money lying around, piles of our money lying around. They can just build buildings and spend money without asking. At least the library had the guts and the glory and it got passed. Be quiet, all you crybabies. Knock it off. Thank you.
* * *
    This is Villa Park calling. Why is Villa Park planning on demolishing Lufkin Pool, when they could spend some money to fix it, and they still do not have a definite plan for funding a new pool or recreation center? Thank you.
* * *
    Hello, Villa Park resident calling because I want to encourage the Villa Park Board to reconsider their decision to close Lufkin Pool. The decision was made without seeking community input and without making it clear to the community that they were voting to keep Lufkin open or not. The new aquatic center would not be built for a long time, so we would go for many years with just Jefferson Pool, which is difficult for young families because there is a separate pool for young children. Closing Lufkin Pool is not the answer. Thank you.

    A letter from Village President Albert Bulthuis dated Dec. 29 was sent to Villa Park residents in their water bill, that states after several board meetings in November, it was decided that Lufkin Pool will not re-open in 2018, due to the need for a new liner and other "needed improvements."
    The letter also states that the village plans to conduct community-wide meetings to get input on what residents want for the future, i.e. new community pool, recreation center, etc.
    The letter can be viewed at http://www.invillapark.com/DocumentCenter/View/4815.
    The Village of Villa Park also has a newsletter at http://www.invillapark.com/DocumentCenter/View/4815 that discusses the pool and other possible plans for a pool or recreation center.                                      –JAC

* * *
    Lombard calling: There’s a radio program called “The Happiness Hour” every Friday on AM 560. I think it airs from noon to 1 o’clock every week. You leftists and other anti-Trumpers—especially those of you who call into SPEAK OUT and whine about Trump or Peter Roskam every week—need to listen to this show. I’ve never seen so many miserable people in all my life.
* * *
    Lombard has an outdoor pool. Villa Park should have an indoor pool; people from both villages would use each other's pool in different seasons - it's a "win-win."
* * *
    It's pretty obvious why the leftist media is focusing on Donald Trump's personality.
They don't want to focus on the achievements during his presidency. The Democrat-dominated media clearly does not want to focus on the rising stock market, low unemployment and employee bonuses that have resulted from the recent tax cuts. By the way, do you think the stock market would be surging under President Hillary Clinton and her Obama-esque policies? Not a chance.
* * *
    I see that Rauner has now decided that Peter's Roskam's tax-scam bill — which hurls gold bars and precious gems at billionaires — is "punishing" Illinois by hurting middle-class families and job creation.  Congressman Roskam chairs the tax law-writing committee, Mr. Governor. Why didn't you lean on him before the bill became law? With luck you both will be out of office in a year.
* * *
    To the people arguing with Peter Breen about a woman's right to choose. Mr. Breen is stating that although you have a right to choose to kill (yes, kill) your baby — we Americans who believe in life do not want to be forced to pay for your disgusting decision. Why is it that liberals don't seem to grasp that concept? Barking about it's OK and "leave my body alone" etc. etc. No one cares about your body — we care about the unborn babies people like you think it's OK to kill and we certainly don't want to pay for your sinful decisions. Also, I'd like for the person who said that "maybe the baby is handicapped" to defend that vile statement at the gates of heaven. You liberals scream "it's all about the children" when it comes to taxes, education and building a wall,  but you sure don't give a care about them when they're in the womb. I don't know how you live with yourselves really.