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If you have a comment, question, suggestion, etc., you can call SPEAK OUT any time of the day or night. Call SPEAK OUT but do not leave your name or identify yourself in any way. If your comment or question concerns a particular town, please start your comment with “Lombard - I would like to know,” or “Villa Park - whose job is it to.” Please limit your call to one (1) minute. SPEAK OUT is a community service of the LOMBARDIAN/VILLA PARK REVIEW newspapers. When at all possible, we try to contact public officials to obtain the answers to questions that concern them, and residents are also encouraged to contact public officials with their inquiries. Due to space limitations, it may not be possible to print all calls. We reserve the right to edit calls for length, clarity and subject matter. Please remember SPEAKā€ˆOUT callers are expressing their opinion as they see it and may not be factual. For verification purposes, cite your sources when quoting individuals or statistics.


Editor's note: As a reminder, calls are limited to one minute, and submissions by email are limited to 200 words.
* * *
Neighbors beware. There was a flier in last week's local paper about a "free" home security system. Now, this free system costs you a $99 installation fee, and $9 a week for three years, for a total of $1,503.00. Doesn't sound so free to me. I am very disappointed that our local paper would allow this flier to be inserted with our home delivery.
* * *
    The park board is seemingly holding the library hostage because they want to take the prime land the library sits on. Don't believe this comes down to aesthetics or gardening practices or any other line the park district is selling. The park district is apparently out for a land grab, after telling the library they are in favor of a new building prior to referendum. They've apparently changed their tune so they can get that prime real estate and give the library swamp land. This is not what Col. Plum wanted, park board. You say you are trying to honor his intentions. Col. Plum never intended for the library to be in any location other than on Maple Street.
* * *
    My favorite grocery store is once again having daily "specials" to get us into the store. Come on, either have a sale or don't — we have families and no time for daily running to the store, not to mention the gas for the car.
* * *
    Regarding the new library plan: At $22,300,000 (and they say it will be more) for a 50,000-square-foot building, that’s $446 a square foot for construction. If you believe what they say and of the total $900,000 is for moving and housing expenses, they are still building the new library for at least $428 a square foot. This has to be one of the most expensive libraries ever built.
* * *
    The time is now to take action on some form of gun control. Citizens do not need automatic weapons for any reasonable purpose. Our lawmakers must consider not only stopping the sale of these, but also the possession of such weapons of mass destruction. The Second Amendment does not allow or guarantee automatic weapons. These are an invention not even dreamed of by our forefathers.
* * *
    I just want to say I think the Helen Plum Library has become a disappointment. The last four items I have attempted to find in our library they don't have, two of which items were a best seller. I have gotten all of these items from the Villa Park Public Library. I pay taxes in Lombard. Why can't we stay current in our public library? Thanks.

    Your comments were forwarded to the Helen Plum Library for a response, which is as follows: "Typically best sellers are very popular and checked out, but would be available if the patron puts the item on hold. This is something they would be unable to do at Villa Park Library if they are not a cardholder there.
    "You can place requests on materials both checked out and currently available in the library (these items are pulled at the top of every hour and placed on the open holds shelf for easy pickup).
    "If you want an item the Helen Plum Library doesn’t own, we will try to get it for you from another library. Last year we acquired nearly 8,000 items for Plum patrons via interlibrary loan requests. All you need is a current Helen Plum Library card.     "The library will contact you when your item is ready for pick-up. To request an item, or put one on hold: Please call 630-627-0316, visit a reference desk at the library or use your online library account.
    "We are constantly adding to our collection, but let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to see. You can use our online form at http://www.helenplum.org/suggest-title."                –JAC

* * *
    Give him four years to do something? I understand that some of the president's supporters still think there is a chance he could lead/guide our country in some good way. I really wish it were true. We cannot afford four years of this man. Even his own party members are suggesting impeachment. I don't like the idea of this country going through the agony of trials, hearings and so much more division between citizens of our wonderful country, but it just may have to happen. "America First" is something we can support, but the rest of the world needs us also.  God has given all of us so much, in spite of fires and floods. If the president really means to help our country, then he should gracefully resign and let someone who can actually lead the country do so.
* * *
    I agree with the person who said all people who support Donald Trump are not racists but there comes a point in time when you have to realize the person sitting in the White House allegedly is a racist and it's a sad day when we have this person who's so hateful. And for the person who said he's the light at the end of the tunnel, I certainly don't want to be in the tunnel you're living in because right at the moment you're living in a tunnel that's on the brink of a nuclear war and you think this is the light at the end of the tunnel? I would never call him president and he doesn't even deserve to be in the White House. He is a nut case.
* * *
    Glenbard East, well, I know it's an award-winning play and all that, blah, blah, blah, but really, do I have to be slapped in the face with "Urinetown" every time I drive down Main Street? Really? Where are the adults?
    * * *
    You know what, Peter Breen, I could not care less if you can no longer support Gov. Rauner because he signed the abortion bill. You know what? It's not your choice, it's my choice and if you don't support Rauner that's a good thing because he's a fool anyway. It's not your choice or his choice; it's a woman's choice.
* * *
    I voted for Peter Roskam because he said he was a pro-life Christian, so why does he continue to vote against any restrictions on the type of assault rifles that kill hundreds of people in a matter of minutes? Could it be the $20,000 given to him by the NRA? Thank you, bye.
* * *
    If we have to look toward Chicago politics, we should also look at the library board. They're very non-compliant with what they're supposed to do and I just think it's become a money grab and it's ridiculous. Thank you.
* * *
    Does anyone else find it ironic that the park district is concerned about the looks of the new library, but has put up that concrete-looking box on Wilson?
* * *
    Hi. I would just like to say that although I'm not a big fan of the way Donald Trump speaks out to people, I am very satisfied with the job he has done. My brother had been out of work for eight years and now is gainfully employed and my 401K has never been better. This economy is zooming since he took office in January. You don't have to love the man. Love the job he does.
* * *
    Hello, Lombard. I think it's time for the park district and the library to get a divorce. The Village of Lombard can be the mediator. Give the library the old DuPage Theatre lot for a library then the park district could buy the old library. Hey, it's a win, win, win for everybody. Come on, people.
* * *
    This is Lombard calling. In regard to some NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and unfolding of the American flag, it's all about money. The owners and coaches are not willing to penalize these players for fear of what they might do. If they went on strike a lot of money would be lost in terms of attendance and advertising. So, let's not fool ourselves. It's about blackmailing, not freedom of expression. Thank you.
* * *
    As I listen to the news and read SPEAK OUT, some people seem to be embarrassed by our president, calling him a dictator and other unsavory names. Some people hate him for whatever reason. His family is under attack. The full gamut of emotions with regard to Trump is prevalent. Trump is a rough-spoken, blunt and pro-American man and president. God bless him. We needed him at this point in our history. I voted for him and am proud of it. We needed a leader in the White House, not a weak sister politician who cowers at the words of some demented individuals. The people I hold in contempt are in Congress, both houses. Get to work, you weak sisters. Get America moving. DACA and Iran are your responsibilities. No vacation. Get to work.
* * *
    This is Lombard calling. I've been to all of Glenbard East's football games this season. They truly have the best band in the land. Such precision, marching I have not ever seen before. Such dedication. I didn't think you could get that out of kids to stick to the program. So well and in all kinds of weather, too. I'm glad my sophomore granddaughter invited me. Thank you, bye.