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New guidelines for writing, submitting a letter to the editor
  We at the Lombardian and Villa Park Review encourage our readers to reach out to the community by writing a letter to the editor.
    Letters are limited to 400 words; if a letter exceeds 400 words, it will be sent back to the author to reduce the length of the letter. Authors should include a phone number where they can be reached in case of questions. E-mail letters to: news1@rvpublishing.com. Our fax number is: 630-627-7027.
    Letter-writers will be limited to one letter per month except for locally elected officials, or individuals specifically associated with local village governments or entities such as school districts, park districts or library districts.
    No letters directed to a third party will be accepted for publication.
We reserve the right to edit a letter for reasons of clarity, space restrictions and libel.


Walkout at Glenbard East ‘a teachable
opportunity’ for students

Kudos to the Principal of Glenbard East, Shahe Bagdasarian,
who acknowledged in a letter to all Glenbard
East families, that the students plan to walk out of the
building as part of a grassroots, nationwide, student-led
effort on March 14.
This planned peaceful demonstration is in reaction to
the ineffective deterrents, or total lack thereof, to eliminate
the increasing gun violence in America.
This is an excellent “teachable opportunity” for our
high school students. It affords them a first-hand application
of what it means to have a voice in our democracy.
They have seen things happening in America that they
feel need to be addressed, lest they continue to take the
lives of innocent people, and rob them of the guarantee
of their unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. These rights are specifically spelled out in
the Declaration of Independence, which says “have been
given to all human beings by their Creator, and which
governments are created to protect.”
Education consists of vastly more than what is written
in books. Education steps up to the next level when students
take what they have learned and apply it to their everyday
lives. When citizens in a free, democratic society
perceive an injustice or an imminent danger to their “life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” they have the right,
and indeed the obligation, to make their feelings known
in a peaceful and respectful manner.
There are those who would argue that high school
students are in school to learn and not to be disruptive
(i.e. have intelligent opinions), to which we respond that
unless those who are learning have ample opportunities
to put into practice what they are learning, the seeds we
seek to plant have fallen on rocky ground and will not
bloom and flourish or contribute to society.
We applaud Glenbard East’s validation of the students’
rights to join hundreds and thousands of students all
across America and abroad in their call for a safer America.
These students are tomorrow’s leaders, and we stand
with those who salute them in pride and respect.

Sherron Schiewe
and Paul Kozlowski

Peter Roskam: ‘A model revisionist’
Mr. Roskam:
Once again, I enjoyed receiving your most recent election
brochure. I especially loved the key bullets targeting
us seniors:
The new tax law benefits seniors by: Protecting a lifetime
of savings and hard work? Just exactly what have
you done to protect my savings and hard work?
Eliminating special interest tax breaks and lobbyist
loopholes? Really, as I recall your tax bill did just the
It’s incredible what you can put in print … basically
anything you want.
I think the official historical term is revisionist … basically
you revise history any way you want.
Thank you for underscoring why I am so uncomfortable
with your voting record and your Republican Party’s

Dennis Terdy
Glen Ellyn