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Guidelines for writing, submitting a letter to the editor

     We at the Lombardian and Villa Park Review encourage our readers to reach
out to the community by writing a letter to the editor.
     Letters are limited to 400 words; if a letter exceeds 400 words, it will be sent
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number where they can be reached in case of questions. E-mail letters to:
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and libel.


Are Ives’, Breen’s
mindsets better suited to
preaching, not legislating?

State Reps. Jeanne Ives (R-42)
and Peter Breen (R-48) missed their
calling. Both sit in the legislature
voting on the critical concerns of
millions of Illinoisans they care little
Their focus stems from narrow
ideological religious beliefs: opposition
to full human rights for gays
and transgenders, denial of reproductive
health care to the poor, promotion
of religion in the public square
and railing against their imagined
view that secular society is at war
with Christianity.
While certainly entitled to those
beliefs, it is totally improper and inappropriate
to promote them as legislators
responsible for the well-being
of all 13 million Illinoisans. They
would serve the people best by dropping
their re-election bids and opening
a church in DuPage to advocate
for their beliefs before like-minded
followers. The rest of us Illinoisans
deserve better.

Walt Zlotow
Glen Ellyn

Library building plans
‘mismanaged at
taxpayers’ expense’

While Lombard voters, in November
2016 mind you, approved an unprecedented
increase in the tax rate
for the Helen Plum Library District,
here we are nearly a year later with
no shovel-ready plans, no agreements
with the park district, and still with a
director that clearly can’t execute, yet
alone lead.
The library was given a tremendous
opportunity to build a state-ofthe-
art facility whether within the
clearly known constraints of their current
Maple Street site or at three nearby
options (if only they would pull the
trigger) at Lombard Common, 101 S.
Main, or the old Z’s property.
And what do they come back
with now? An even more expensive
two-building plan connected by an
outdoor walkway where the facility
will have spectacular views of Lilacia
Park and the public areas will reside
mainly in a subterranean building
with a patio.
And yet even this plan needs variances
and easements from the park
district that surely will not be granted.
This latest offering still fails to address
contiguous parking—yet alone
needed approvals from the village
for stormwater management, density,
parking and more.
The time is now to recall and reset
their tax rate because it is clear this library
board and director are incapable
of making this project happen.
Opportunity knocked, and Helen
Plum repeatedly failed to answer.
Never has a project with such potential
been so mismanaged at taxpayers’
expense. Lombard deserves better.

Robert Biddle,

Students’ empathy, commitment
to service impressive

Glenbard Township High School District 87

I am proud to work in a school
district where students, parents, faculty
and staff value service to others.
Through service, students develop
leadership skills and learn the importance
of empathy for others. Students
also develop problem-solving and
teamwork skills, which transfer to
the classroom and future work experiences.
Our students are involved in a variety
of service projects throughout
the year, and when disaster strikes or
others are in need, they rally support.
I am proud of how our students and
staff responded in the wake of recent
natural disasters that have devastated
so many lives. Their giving spirit and
selflessness is inspiring.
Let’s look at a few recent examples
of our students making a difference
in the lives of others:
• Glenbard East raised nearly
$1,400 for the Red Cross to support
hurricane relief efforts.
• Glenbard East students in
World History classes donated toiletries
to help people in Houston
devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
• Glenbard North students collected
monetary donations for disaster
relief efforts in regions affected by
hurricanes and the earthquake-ravaged
areas of México. Donations will
be sent to the American Red Cross
and One America Appeal.
• Glenbard North students in Advanced
Placement Environmental
Science, and the Green Panthers
collected personal care items to be
sent to Hurricane Harvey victims at
Cesar Chavez High School in Houston.
The Carol Stream Chamber of
Commerce joined in the collection
effort, and loads of donations poured
in over just a few days.
• Glenbard South athletics collected
T-shirts and gym shoes to help
victims of Hurricane Harvey.
• Glenbard South volleyball players
hosted Volley for the Cure for
breast cancer research.
• Glenbard West’s Spanish and
French Honor Societies and the
Glenbard West World Language Department
raised $1,000 for Project
Paz to assist those in México affected
by the earthquake.
• Glenbard West’s girls volleyball
hosted a fund-raiser at a local restaurant
with proceeds benefiting hurricane
relief efforts.
• Glenbard West’s field hockey
teams raised money for ovarian cancer
research when they hosted Stick
it to Cancer Night.
In a time when our country is divided
on many issues, it is affirming
to see students unified in their compassion
for and service to others.
Young people’s understanding of the
importance of service to others begins
at home.
I am grateful to parents and guardians
in our community for fostering
the values of empathy and service
in their children. As young adults
develop key leadership and interpersonal
skills, they are building a better
future for all of us.

David F. Larson, Ed.D. is superintendent
of Glenbard Township High
School District 87