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We want to hear from you! Guidelines for writing a letter to the editor

We at the Lombardian and Villa Park Review encourage our readers to reach out to the community by writing a letter to the editor.

Letters must be signed, and limited to 500 words. If the letter exceeds 500 words, it will be sent back to the author to reduce the length of the letter.
Authors should include a phone number where they can be reached in case of questions. E-mail letters to: news1@rvpublishing.com.
Our fax number is: 630-627-7027.
No letters directed to a third party will be accepted for publication.
We reserve the right to edit a letter for reasons of clarity, space restrictions and libel.


State Senate, Rauner
need to approve bill to
provide coverage for rare
autoimmune disorder

As a mother, I understand the
heartbreak a parent experiences
when their child is suffering. When
I was first approached by local mom
Kate Grobe Drury three years ago,
I was horrified to learn that her son
Charlie’s treatments for a rare autoimmune
disorder were not covered
by insurance and angry about the
financial hardship that families like
hers face simply to help their children
feel like themselves again.
With the help and perseverance of
Kate and another local mom named
Wendy Nawara, whose children also
suffered from PANDAS/PANS, I
passed legislation to require insurance
companies to cover treatment
for this disorder.
Because of our hard work together,
other parents will not have to incur
the incredible cost of treatment in
order to provide basic care that their
kids need to be healthy.
I applaud my colleagues on both
sides of the aisle for standing with me
to support these families, and I urge
the Senate and Governor Rauner to
act quickly and approve this measure
to ensure children in Illinois have access
to this life changing treatment.
This legislation is a perfect example
of what can happen when community
members take action to address
their concerns.
Kate and Wendy took the initiative
to get involved in the legislative
process and approach me about this
issue, and now their idea is on its
way to becoming a law. Countless
children will have access to the medication
they need because of their advocacy.

Deb Conroy
State Representative, 46th District

Fifth-graders submit
award winning letters

Editor’s note: Many fifth-graders
from Lombard elementary schools
participated in the Lombard Historical
Society’s annual Sheldon Peck
Letter Writing Contest. The winners
of the 2017 letter-writing contest
were recently announced. The students’
letters are written using language
appropriate for 1848, as well
as facts from the era. The following
letter is published as written:

Dear Congressman Lincoln,
My name is Sheldon Peck. I am
an artist and sheep farmer in Babcocks
Grove, Illinois. About a month
ago I was painting a portrait down in
Springfield (it was of Mrs. Garfield,
you may remember her?) and everyone
was might proud of you. I am
married to Harriet Peck, and we have
11 children! In fact, my 11th child, a
son Sanford was born only 12 days
ago! My children are a big blessing,
sometimes too big! There is a lot of
hubbub going on in Babcocks Grove
because of our very own train connecting
us to Galena, Illinois! Everyone
is almost as proud as when you
got elected congressman. My family
and I had the honor of watching
Babcocks Grove’s first train come
rolling in. If eleven children were not
enough, we have 20 more children
coming to our home every day, plus a
teacher! That is because our home is
a school for the children of Babcocks
Grove, negro or white. Which leads
me to the sole reason of this letter. I
am an abolitionist. Actually I am a
radical abolitionist, meaning that I
not only think that slaves should be
free but should also be treated the
same as white men. Though I know
that you are an abolitionist, though
one day you will became a radical
abolitionist like me. Your life story
is one of my favorites – a man with
humble beginnings, who learns to do
things on his own and who grows to
pass all the expectations of his family,
friends, and neighbors. You are
the kind of leader that I hope will
one day run our country. The kind
of leader who would fight for what
he knows is right. Nothing great ever
came easily, you know. And I believe
that you and our country will grow
to be something greater than anyone
knew it would be. Thank you for taking
the time to read my letter. I hope
that one day I will be able to paint a
portrait of you.
All Best,
Sheldon Peck
This honorable mention was written
by Lisa Olson, a student at St. John’s
Lutheran School.

York Township supervisor
says thanks

On behalf of “Your York Team,”
I wish to express our appreciation to
the voters of York Township for reelecting
our team by an overwhelming
We proudly accept this victory
as a public mandate to continue our
fiscally responsible policies which
enable us to expand and enhance existing
programs and services in order
to improve the quality of life in York

John W. Valle
York Township