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New guidelines for writing, submitting a letter to the editor
  We at the Lombardian and Villa Park Review encourage our readers to reach out to the community by writing a letter to the editor.
    Letters are limited to 400 words; if a letter exceeds 400 words, it will be sent back to the author to reduce the length of the letter. Authors should include a phone number where they can be reached in case of questions. E-mail letters to: news1@rvpublishing.com. Our fax number is: 630-627-7027.
    Letter-writers will be limited to one letter per month except for locally elected officials, or individuals specifically associated with local village governments or entities such as school districts, park districts or library districts.
    No letters directed to a third party will be accepted for publication.
We reserve the right to edit a letter for reasons of clarity, space restrictions and libel.


Fifth-graders submit
award-winning letters

Editor’s note: Many fifth-graders
from Lombard and Villa Park
elementary schools participated in
the Lombard Historical Society’s
annual Sheldon Peck Letter Writing
Contest. The winners of the 2018
letter-writing contest were recently
announced. The students’ letters are
written using language appropriate
for 1848, as well as facts from the
era. The following letter is published
as written by Cameron Ducato, of
Lombard, a student at St. John’s Lutheran
School. Cameron is an honorable
mention winner.

Dear Mr. Abraham Lincoln,
My name is Sheldon Peck.
I live with my family in Babcock’s
Grove. We live on a farm. My house
took 2 years to build. My wife Harriet
gave birth to our 8th child just after
we finished building our house. It has
been challenging at times to live in
one room, but we now have plenty of
room for the entire family. We now
have 10 children and ready to have
another child any day. On my farm
I have crops and sheep. We raise the
sheep because we get wool for cloth.
My wife and children help a lot with
chores on our farm.
About 5 years ago we started using
my home of ra school house to
teach some of the children here. We
are in need for school supplies for
our school. I am writing to ask if I
can paint a picture of your family for
money. I can then buy supplies for
the school. I like to paint pictures of
people and I am good at it.
They are building a railroad next
to my home and when it is done
more children will be able to come
to school here. If you know any one
who would like a painting of themself
please pass it on to them.
My life on the farm has been very
hard. It’s very hot in the summers
and cold in the winter. Last year we
had so much snow my sheep almost
died. If you can send people it will
help my entire family.
I am really against slavery. I hope
that slavery ends. It is unfair. All people
should have equal rights.
Sheldon Peck