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New guidelines for writing, submitting a letter to the editor
  We at the Lombardian and Villa Park Review encourage our readers to reach out to the community by writing a letter to the editor.
    Letters are limited to 400 words; if a letter exceeds 400 words, it will be sent back to the author to reduce the length of the letter. Authors should include a phone number where they can be reached in case of questions. E-mail letters to: news1@rvpublishing.com. Our fax number is: 630-627-7027.
    Letter-writers will be limited to one letter per month except for locally elected officials, or individuals specifically associated with local village governments or entities such as school districts, park districts or library districts.
    No letters directed to a third party will be accepted for publication.
We reserve the right to edit a letter for reasons of clarity, space restrictions and libel.


Reader: Lombardian’s political cartoons, Speak Out editorials ‘insulting to my intelligence’

One of the many issues I have with the Lombardian is that of implying how dumb the people in Lombard must be. Your political cartoons and Speak Out editorials are on the level of a 5-year-old.
Let’s start with two recent ones (published Feb. 1 and Feb. 8). You offend many readers by suggesting that climate change is a funny thing to poke fun at. You are going to find that maybe only three or four percent of your readers believe it is a hoax. I am not going to debate this with you about climate change. You can go outside and suck up all the car fumes and pollution you want. It’s your right.
Nancy Pelosi and cake? That was funny? Everyone loves to pay less in taxes, especially the rich. But as any person should know, something has to be cut somewhere to achieve this. The King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of our government are the ones telling us to eat cake!
The Republican administration had done nothing positive for our county. They have endorsed and promoted too many negative issues and politicians. We need someone who can improve our living standards, not sell them to the highest bidder!
Who puts the fox in the henhouse? This happens with every executive decision.
I believe it is every newspaper’s right to report the news. Don’t dumb down! Take the high road!
Stick to covering community news; that is what you do best.
I do have a say in what news I read. I would like your advertisers to know that I will not buy from any of them that advertise in a paper that is so insulting to my intelligence.

Bruce Blake

A more diverse DuPage County Board is needed

As drastic federal cutbacks take place, more social service issues will need to be addressed at the county level. But DuPage County’s budget shows expenditures exceeding revenues this coming year for the first time.
Budget shortfalls usually mean cuts in social services. I am concerned that board members will not only turn their backs on those who rightfully depend on such services but will also forget that investing funds in social programs tends to save money over time.
There are cuts that can—and probably should—be made in non-critical areas. I hope the following data will help DuPage residents understand what is happening within one specific area of the budget, as county government is vague to many of us.
DuPage County contracts with four separate lobbying firms costing taxpayers $282,000 each year. Under the county board’s purview, the state’s attorney lobbyists add another $48,000 yearly. Taxpayer dollars also find their way to the following lobbying entities: National Association of Counties, Illinois Association of Counties, Illinois Association of Auditors, Illinois Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners, Illinois Association of Clerks and Recorders, Clerk of the Circuit Court, and the Treasurer—to name some. Why is this expenditure necessary, when members of the Kane County Legislative Committee successfully serve as that county’s own lobbyists?
Everyone deserves the right to pursue the American Dream. Let’s make sure the opportunities DuPage County offers are available to everyone. We need a more diverse county board that adequately represents all citizens and is willing to ask tough questions—about lobbyist fees, for example—and will challenge the status quo. The Democratic Party is offering such candidates.
Diane Dassow